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Introduction to Company
     Shanghai Donghua Kaili Technology of New Materials Co., Ltd. was originally established by College of Material Science and Engineering, Donghua University (formerly, China Textile University). The company now has a high-tech talent team, in which 48 persons have senior title, which is also equipped with the most advanced experimental and test equipment.
    Shanghai Donghua Kaili Technology of New Materials Co., Ltd closely followed the international developments in material testing machine , adopted new and high technology boldly, absorbed many high-tech professionals, increased the investment in technology research and development, and committed to improving the quality of the instrument, the variety and quantity of invented novel polymer measuring instrument have got rapid development,and also brought significant benefits and wealth for the general customer.
    Since the foundation in January 1989, the company has made great achievement in   research, development, upgrading, and application in novel measuring instruments for   polymer materials and textile chemical fiber, dozens of projects have filled the blank at home and abroad, and won the gold medal of invention award of the state,provincial and municipal level,as well as the state science and technology progress awards and new product gold medal etc.

Management Ideas
    The company has established a complete set of brand awareness, brand trust and brand reaction mechanism. To the outside,the company provides not only products, but also spreads a kind of image, a piece of belief, a commitment, a memory, and a kind of corporate culture. The corporate products are of exclusive original nature, with characteristics such as advanced technology, accurate measurement, stable performance,they have won the high praise of users, and are widely used in the national colleges and universities, research institutes, polymer specialty, textile chemical fiber industry, plastics industry and related businesses.
    To be the world top 500 companies is the standard and direction for the company. While serving the general domestic customers,the company has begun to stride out the gate of China to the world,and has been working to-wards the goal of making the company's products to be the world's most famous brand.

The quality is our principle, the honesty is our purpose, devoting to innovation, and servicing sincerely
Manage Features

    Shanghai Donghua Kaili chemical fiber hi-tech Co., LTD(Shanghai Donghua Kaili Technology of New Materials Co., Ltd) insists people first, treats people with good faith as the principle of the Company, centers the Company with scientific, reasonable, simple, direct and efficient mode of management, makes each staff full of vitality, and makes the company full of vigor everywhere. Looking to the future, the company will as always commits to the management ideas of " the quality is our principle, the honesty is our purpose, devoting to innovation, and servicing sincerely”,the quality standard of "the pursuing excellence, keeping improving" ,and serve the broad masses of users with the greatest enthusiasm and the positive attitude.

The company maintains and develops the characteristic of innovating and researching novel measuring instrument in the field of polymer materials, exerts to provide products which catch up with the world first-class level and thoughtful all-round service for customers at home and abroad on the aspect of new material, and spacial measuring technology etc.

Pursuiting excellence, keeping improving

High-end Customers
       The company’s novel measuring instruments for polymer professional with independent intellectual property rights are of national initial,they fill the blank at home and abroad,  relevant  instruments are compiled into the national experimental textbook used by macromolecule major in colleges and universities,and are the essential measuring instruments used in experiment teaching and scientific research for national "211 university" material majors,widely used in the country,won widespread praise.

      Such as Fudan University, East China Normal University, East China University, Shanghai University, Donghua University, Shanghai Chemical Research Hospital Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical traitor, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute of synthetic fibers, Shanghai Fisheries University, Institute of Nuclear Industry eighth, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University, Suzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Materials, Ningbo, Jiaxing College, Sinopec Yizheng chemical Fiber Company, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Anhui Agricultural University, Jiangsu Polytechnic University, Jiangsu Forestry University, Jiangnan University, China University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Clothing, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Peking University, China textile Academy of Sciences, Beijing Research and Development Center, Beijing Forestry University, Sichuan University, Sichuan textile Research Institute, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the PLA General Logistics Department Quartermaster Equipment Institute, South China Normal University, Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology, Tianjin University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Hunan University of Arts, University of Defense Technology, Sichuan University, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Engineering, Yanshan University, Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi Institute of Chemical Engineering, Nanchang University, Xiamen University, Overseas Chinese University, NASA six homes 46, Zhongyuan University of Technology, University of Jinan, Qingdao University, Wuhan University, Hubei University, China University for Nationalities, Wuhan textile University , Guizhou University, Shenyang University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Qiqihar University, PetroChina Jilin Branch Academy of carbon fiber center, Jilin University, Changchun University of Technology, DuPont ( Shanghai ) technology Center, Taiwan far Eastern Industries Limited, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.